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About Malmö Cancer Center


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Cancer is a disease that affects an increasing amount of people and that may cause premature death in many of the affected patients. During the last decades our knowledge concerning cancer has increased tremendously. Despite this, there are still many patients with incurable disease. At the University Hospital in Malmö, Lund University, Sweden, an extensive amount of cancer research is carried out, with the aim to increase the possibility of curing more cancer patients.


MCC consists of approximately 20 research groups and in total more than 150 co-workers. All belong to the Medical Faculty at Lund University and Malmö University and all are active at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, performing cancer research. The research focuses on many different types of cancer like breast-, prostate-, colon-, kidney-, melanoma-, leukemia and lymphoma. A major part of the research is oriented towards basal cancer research, focusing on processes that may be common for all cancer types.


The research at the Centre has three main directions. One is to identify alterations or biomarkers in cancer cells that are of prognostic and clinical significance, and that may improve choice of therapy and hence survival. Another is to identify novel molecular mechanisms in the cancer cell that are necessary for the tumor to grow and metastasize, with the aim to understand cancer and finding novel drug targets. At MCC there is also a comprehensive cancer radiotherapy research aiming at increasing the treatment efficacy in cancer patients.


The researchers at MCC are situated in various locations at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. The experimental research is mainly held at CRC, the Wallenberg laboratory and in the Pathology building. The clinical research is held in direct contact with the experimental research, but also out in the clinics. Most of the researchers at MCC have a core funding from Lund University, but the principal financing comes from external grants from various organizations, of which the Swedish Cancer foundation is the major funding agency. The activities of the Center and the researchers at the Center, are all financed by the foundation Allmänna sjukhusets i Malmö stiftelse för bekämpande av cancer, which thereby gives the researchers a possibility to convene and to perform collaborative, strong research projects.

Funder of Malmö Cancer Center